The product detail and traceability required by defence industry is stringent and critical, as is accurate and on time supply of defence quality product.

We specialise in the procurement, packaging and delivery of military grade components that meet not only mandated technical performance specifications and requirements, but also customer schedules and budgetary goals.

We are committed to a rigorous process of quality control and constant monitoring and improvement by way of the international Standard ISO 9001:2015, as well as on time delivery of each and every order.

Our Stores are climate controlled both by temperature and humidity to ensure stock is kept in premium shelf life conditions, and in accordance with AS5316 and ISO:2230:2002 Standards.

We take Quality Control very seriously, and have invested in a Planar 70.20 InspecVision machine – a non-contact optical measurement system, accurate to within 20 microns.

All stock is fully QC’d prior to receipt into our Stores, and QC’d again prior to despatch to ensure when your order arrives, it is 100% correct.

InspecVision Planar 70.20